Program – Short Version

Where do we want to go in the long run?

  • Abolishment of the state and construction of the self-governed society: everyone is enabled to take part in decision-making on that which directly influences them. Organization from below upwards through local assemblies and councils which are connected with each other (#confederalism). There is a mutual responsibility between individual and community.
  • Labour for well-being of the community instead of the profits of a few: evenly distributed work that is relevant for society und a true recognition of its value. The workplace is self-managed, while the people who do the work, know themselves best what is necessary and how to organize this.
  • Unconditional access to healthcare: the infrastructure can, through self-management, better reflect the local needs of the specific region it serves.
  • Socialized housing: all housing should become part of a collective circulatory system. ‘Ownership’ of a dwelling is no longer central, but its direct and adequate usage. This way everyone has an equal access to fitting housing, is more mobile and is not running individual financial risk (cq. dept).
  • Collectively facing conflicts and violence: construction of justice-commissions and -fora. This along the principle of collective responsibility and change instead of punishment. Change of attitude and behavior happen only after an intensive process with one’s own behavior and thoughts.
  • Free access and choice about the form and content of one’s own education: the content of the educational program will be collectively decided upon by both teacher and student. Goal is the enabling taking responsibility for the collective life without pressure to perform or competition.
  • Solidarity and equality – basic values of society: inequality based on looks, gender, origin etc. should be overcome though the formation of institutions and intensive public discussions and education.
  • World-wide freedom of movement and international solidarity: development of international cooperation and assistance, based on equality and critical of domination and exploitation.
  • Sustainable living: production and consumption should be organized along ecological values instead of profit. Exploitation of people and nature by people should be stopped.

What can we do in the short run?

  • Strengthening self-organization: the formation of neighborhood assemblies to organize mutual aid and re-establishing relationships. Formation of basic unions on the workplace. Migrant, feminist and other autonomous organizations of systematically suppressed groups to give their voices the space they deserve.
  • 20,00 minimum wage and the 20 hour work week: possible through the leveling of wages, abolishing so called ‘bullshit jobs’ and minimizing the profits of the propertarian classes. Reproductive labour should be equally acknowledged and waged.
  • Structural lowering of the strain on people’s health, through raising the social benefits and the minimum wage: poverty is one of the largest causes of illness and disease world-wide. Access to healthcare for everyone – also people for without insurance.
  • Life and mental health care before profit: personal responsibility for which measures in private life are useful for combating the corona-pandemic. Emotional and psychological strain should be taken serious, not just physical health. All unnecessary work should be postponed.
  • Fitting housing for all: expropriate large housing companies and socializing the dwellings they own. Direct stop to the privatization of social housing, construction of so-called luxury-apartments, luxury-modernization and the privatization of land belonging to the municipality.
  • Structures for conflictresolvement (awareness-structures): existing structures should be strengthened, new ones should be erected in all larger organizations and communities. These can be connected in citywide and regional justice-committees.
  • Antiracism: individual, institutional and structural racism should be acknowledged as a social reality and combated in all sectors of society. Serious responsibility and reparation for the colonial and national-socialist past and its continuity.
  • Climate justice: stick to the set climate-goals. The so-called industrialized states should take their responsibility for their part in the climate-crisis. Climate-disasters should be acknowledged as a legitimate reason for migration.
  • Anti-fascist, feminist and migrant self-defense: the state and its police look away or are involved in racist attacks and sexualized violence and we should be able to defend ourselves.